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The studio

I accompany the entrepreneurs who wish to make increase their brand thanks to a modern, adapted and sustainable visual identity and tools. I form them and advise them tools who are going to allow them to go into high gear. I am also a designer, I accompany you and attend in your processes of creations, collections.


The studio is based in Toulouse, but I work essentially at a distance with entrepreneurs or companies based in France and Italy.


My approach of the design is to understand your mission, your values, the needsfor your customers and what makes your company unique. Thanks to these foundations, the visual identity and the projects which emerge are reflected, and speak to your ideal customers. My previous missions in the luxury and the craftsget me a panel of experiences and will help me. I am here  to propose you adequate and all-in-one solutions.




Digital Lea delgal graphisme deisgner toulouse italie

Digital et Webdesign

. The audience and the right tools


Born in 1992, I grew up seeing the minitel, then the PC, the laptop, the first Smartphone and the expansion of social networks. We could say that at least that allowed me to have an ease with the digital.

Developing visibility on the web is essential today for a company that wants to open up to a new marketManaging your Community, developing your Social Media strategy, creating your showcase website or e-shop, or training you, will be a great pleasure ! Today, many of my clients ask me to create a website or e-shop that they can then manage themselves, it is quite possible, contact me and we will find the strategy that you need.

Product Design

. Create volumes


I always been attracted by the power to give life to forms and bend. Thought the 2D drawing, to see then taking shape in 3D an idea, it's still for me an incredible experience.

Trained in Decorative arts, I returned to the product design that I had the opportunity to explore during my studies, only later during my meeting with the factory of Italian ceramic Rometti. Thanks to this new meeting, my passion for objects did not delay emerging again. This is the way collections of objects were born for various customers, in particular Roche Bobois Paris.

Illustration et Graphics

My experience in the graphics 


In 2015, I integrated Marc Deloche's office, interior designer and creator of jewels very appreciated by these ladies of Toulouse. As graphic designer I was able to realize  many of computer graphics, but also modules for showcases, the stationery, diverse graphic works and this during 2 years.

A post in a team, in the world of the luxury and the fashion which has allowed me to grow up fast, while developing my skills for every new challenges. My career didn't stop there, I was lucky to create logos and visual identities for several other companies. It is always a pleasure for me to return to illustration.

I am a real chameleon, let's talk about your project !


Trends & Research


In 2014, I took a four-month internship at the heart of trendy Nelly Rodi in Paris. This internship was a real revelation. I fell in love with the analysis of social phenomena, the search for textiles, colors, creation of patterns, etc. These practices and skills have never left me since.

Each step of the way leads to a very specific goal: to create a file that informs the future client about upcoming trends, themes, shapes, colors, topics, people to watch, events and many other topics.

This is the file that can lead you to 1000 ideas and maintains your dynamism. I recognize it, it is thanks to this training course that I revealed myself as a true little Swiss army knife and that my sense of the organization shone. A real asset when you know the fast pace of fashion and design.

photo designer mer texture matière lea delgal design graphiste france italie

Study of materials and colors

Textures, materials and colors


It started at the beginning of my master's degree: I chose to do a professional and specialized master's degree, at the ISCID of Montauban, in the field of materials and color. These last two years of studies helped me to structure my thought and to deepen my knowledge on the material and the color. A parameter that I think deserves study and special attention.

I bring you my expertise in the field of fashion, jewelry, design, interior design !

A bit more about me 


* I am 26 years old, just!

* I currently live between Pisa and Toulouse.

* I love Italy, in fact I love to travel.

* So I speak Italian !

* I'm a fan of vintage pieces in decoration and I love antique shops.

* Soon I will publish my own creations, I can't wait!

* The countryside is my element, more largely nature. I grew up there, I like to jump in town as for my job, but I prefer the calm of a stream to the tumult of cars.

I also speak English, essential for my job today.

* I am also called "a fashion victim"I pay attention to the origin of the products that I collect, it is for some time more and more easy !

* In short, I love the world of fashion, art and design ... music too.

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L E A  D E L G A L


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